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Buy AVG Internet Security – Better Internet Protection.

When it comes to buying an antivirus, you cannot miss the latest security system, AVG Internet Security 2023. Whether it is a computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, AVG Internet Security guarantees protection against all dangerous malware and viruses. Sensitive payment data such as online purchases and financial transactions such as online banking also offer explicit protection.

Buy AVG Internet Security 2023 – the most secure antivirus

AVG Internet Security primarily immunizes all technical devices against Internet threats. Here too, the situation is particularly serious. New malware is now smuggled onto the internet almost daily, infecting not only computers but also smartphones. Almost all anti-virus systems pre-installed with the operating system are no longer sufficient. For effective protection, opt for a professional antivirus program. By purchasing AVG Internet Security, you are getting a very high quality package for protecting your systems against the dangers of the World Wide Web.


Computer Protection => The first line of defense for your PC Our advanced virus protection scans, removes and completely blocks viruses, ransomware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans and other malicious software. All of this happens in real time, so threats can be detected before they reach you. It also backs up USB drives and DVDs just as quickly.

It automatically updates your security and uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time analytics to stop the latest threats. Web and email protection – the safest way to connect. Your email has never been so secure. Email Shield technology specifically targets email attachments to block threats wherever they come from, including malicious senders and friends who unknowingly send you malware.

AVG Internet Security provides:

Your online safety => in real time and protecting you from dangerous Wi-Fi hotspots.

Hacker Protection => Keep hackers and ransomware away

Privacy => don’t be spied on

Payment Protection => Safe Internet Shopping and Banking Whether you’re surfing the web, banking or shopping, this is the extra Internet protection you need.

Internet Security and its Advanced Firewall => you have absolute control over who and what enters and leaves your PC. Our ransomware protection also provides an additional layer of protection against the ever-increasing number of ransomware attacks. This means no one can access your private data, files, photos and passwords, so no hackers, no ransomware…

Block voyeurs and dodgy apps from accessing your webcam, encrypt and hide your most private photos and files, and destroy documents you no longer need. By blocking spam and scams and helping you avoid fake websites, it prevents you from accidentally giving your passwords and credit card numbers to bad guys.

AVG Internet Security also protects your Phone. It also provides virus protection for all Android devices. Lock your private apps and photos, make it easier to find your phone if it’s lost, and prevent thieves from accessing your private information.

Buy AVG Internet Security – New Features

This software brings many new features. It offers advanced virus protection with a highly intelligent scanner that scans every inch of your system for malware, as well as special AI protection. Artificial intelligence enables proactive recognition of malware patterns. Special motion protection is also implemented in the software. Therefore, AVG Internet Security 2023 recognizes unusual behavior patterns and alerts you immediately.

As for virus scanning, Turbo Scan scanning has been added. This saves a lot of time by skipping files that have just been marked as safe.

This software also has other features such as:

  • Cyber Capture – threats are instantly blocked and sent to the fo
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